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Do You Know What’s In Your Hemp?

Cannabinoid Safety!

It seems like we are back in the Wild West. The cannabis industry has exploded and with that, you get many unsavory individuals just out for themselves and a making a quick buck. These scoundrels show a blatant disregard for your health and safety.

I recently heard a case right here in Iowa where someone bought a product from a vape shop and it was laced with Fentanyl. A very senseless and near fatal situation for an unsuspecting young lady that got a product from a friend that was bought at what should have been a safe place. It’s like they bought it on the street from a local drug dealer.

We have also heard of many cases of people buying bulk hemp flower and spraying it with Delta 8 and Fentanyl. Delta 8 is a synthetic form of THC made by altering CBD and changing the molecular structure of it to act more like THC. See this BLOG POST for more information. Many states are beginning to ban Delta 8 and Delta 10 products. I think it is only a matter of time before states like Iowa follow suit.

So how do YOU protect yourself? Make sure the company you are buying from is reputable. Ask to see the COA. A COA is a Certificate of Analysis. When a company sends their product into an independent lab to get tested, they provide a cannabinoid analysis to make sure the product is what it says it is. Nukana has a chain of custody so we know where our raw ingredients come from and what is in them. Any reputable company does the same.

When Nukana entered into the Cannabis space, we saw how unscrupulous individuals were pushing the limits or doing things they knew were just unsafe or illegal. They would enter the market make a quick buck and disappear. They put the lives of many at risk by lacing products with things like Fentanyl. We wanted to be a trusted source in the Midwest for Hemp consumables. Nukana is a health and wellness company. Our motto is Life Is Waiting because we want to help you live your best life. Our focus being on health, we are not trying to market to the recreational crowd although some of our products are essentially the same as you can get in recreational states like Colorado. Many people like our products for a homeopathic approach to wellness without having to get a medical marijuana card. The only difference is out THC is derived from hemp rather than a marijuana plant but the THC is exactly the same. What differentiates the plants is the THC content. Our products are edible in gummy form rather than a smokeable so it is much more discreet. Although it takes an edible longer to to effect, they last much longer.

Do your due diligence when purchasing products. Just because it is sold at a store, doesn’t always mean its safe. Just remember the K2 Spice fiasco 10 or so years ago. It is easy to make a flashy package and misrepresent MG numbers to make it look like a product is super potent or they just lace it with something else or something synthetic to prey upon the uneducated. We are always available for questions. Email us at and we would be happy to help you if you are confused about anything. If you think you may have gotten a spiked product, do not take any chances and contact a medical professional.

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