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Nukana’s Commitment To Your Business Growth

Your business deserves a professional experienced distributor that knows the industry and products you are selling. Nukana focuses on driving your businesses revenue growth through it’s wide variety of products.

Our success depends on your success. We have a proven successful track record with retaining 100% of our original resellers. Our relationships with these customers has blossomed as we learn more about their business and they learn more about Nukana.

We are interested in how we can help you grow! Contact us to get started.

With that, this is our Nukana Commitment..

Premium Hemp Derived Products

Quality comes first. From the extracts we purchase along with the FDA approved labs and suppliers we partner with, our commitment is to providing you with a trusted higher than normal quality product.

Unmatched Customer Support

We strive to be different in our approach. Our success depends on your success. Because of this we provide you with training and unique and fun marketing materials designed to grab the consumers attention.

Staff Training

We have prepared a short educational training video for your staff to watch that answers the questions to many of the common questions about Nukana products.

Sales and Marketing Materials

We offer you products and marketing to support the category. Targeting your specific consumer per your demographic. We thrive in product innovation and consumer feedback.

Let us help you succeed!

Deeper Dive into Nukana’s History
and our Experience

Nukana was formed in 2018 with the start of the Farm Bill that made hemp products federally legal. We quickly found out that people were longing for a legal, natural product that made them feel good without the side effects of prescription narcotics or the legal ramifications associated with alleyway pharmaceuticals. The more we talked to businesses and individuals, we began to hear the pain points they experienced. Things like, “a CBD vendor came in and set us up and then never came back” or “we didn’t know how to reorder product when we ran out”. We also heard things like, “these products just don’t sell in our type of store”. This caused us to take a closer look at how we do business and how we can be a better vendor to our customers.

We have had businesses that wanted all of our products only to find out things like, Freeze Gel doesn’t sell in a liquor store very well. Our solution was to swap out that product for Delta 9 gummies and now product is flying off the shelf. We had another client that was worried his staff didn’t understand CBD products or how to answer customer questions. We set a video conference training to explain things to them and then answer questions they still had.

Our passion is hemp and finding the best solutions for your individual location. The scope of this is everything from the right product for your customers, training your staff if needed, helping you understand the reordering process (the last thing anyone of us wants is for you to run out of something and have your customer buy from your competition.) If someone can make one stop, and get what they need, they are likely to return. Say for example, you run a C-Store, people stop for gas, while they are there, they get their energy drinks, snacks, tobacco. Now imagine they also want beer and/or Delta 9 gummies, but you do not carry them but the C-Store just down the street does. Is this customer going to want to make 2 stops or just 1? I think we all know the answer. Be the 1 stop solution for them and gain a customer. People are creatures of habit.

We have products in liquor stores, health food stores, drug stores, c-stores, bars, yoga studios and the list goes on. Our products perform well, people just need to see that you have them. Talk about them with customers, suggestive selling goes a long way in casual conversation at the check-out.

We also have point of sale items available for you, pamphlets, stickers for your case, occasionally a poster to coincide with a theme, etc. We are always open to new ideas from you as well. If there is something you need that you think will help you sell more, let us know so we can work with you on it. We want you to prosper and grow and are dedicated to helping that dream manifest. We are here for your questions, concerns, reorders, training, whatever you need. Can you see how this makes us different from other vendors? How does it feel to do business with someone that truly cares about your success? We want to hear from you, how does all of this sound so far?

We strongly feel that by working together with you, we all win. We understand that your business is unique, let us know how to best serve you. Our success depends on your success so we are passionate about making sure you succeed. Each one of our staff is a strong believer in Nukana’s Premium offerings and are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to maximize profits.