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Proper Topical Use For Skin Care

Did you know that hemp can actually benefit your skin in a lot of ways? Hemp is believed to be an effective agent to treat skin issues such as dryness, eczema and dermatitis. There are many benefits of using products that contain hemp oil on your skin and Nukana uses it naturally as an active ingredient in their topical products! This article will discuss the proper topical use for skin care with the potential for anything from simple moisturizing to anti-aging skincare.

Have you ever used a topically applied deep moisturizer that just melts into your skin and makes you feel amazing? One of the many benefits that comes with applying a natural hemp body butter to your skin is that it coats it with 100% pure, organic oils. Long lasting Hemp topical can last for 24 hours or even more on your skin. Another benefit is the way hemp topicals can get right down to the roots of your hair and treat damaged or dry scalp. As always, start slow and work up to higher doses.

Nukana Skin Butter

Nukana Skin Butter combines the skin-clearing benefits of hemp seed oil with powerful moisturizing properties. This silky formula penetrates deeply to restore softness, nourishment and hydration right where you need it most. Nukana Skin Butter is non-greasy and easily absorbed. Plus, this luxurious butter is an economically friendly option for treating dry skin on dry areas of the body.

Skin health is a vital part of our overall happiness and wellbeing. We are proud to offer a moisturizer that can help with a range of skin conditions. Some of the most common issues we hear about are dry/sensitive skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, cuts and burns. Our customers often report that their skin feels hydrated, soft and firm after using our products, a great way to get a natural boost of moisture.

Nukana Joint Salve

nukana joint salve with hemp extract.

We believe our customers deserve the best handpicked ingredients for the ultimate relief of joints and muscles. Our product is not just for joint pain. It also works great on muscle aches, arthritis, chronic pain, sores and cuts, and even insect bites.

If you have ever had joint pain, then you understand how much of an annoyance it can be. Not only is the pain distracting, but it makes even the most mundane tasks difficult to complete. Tasks such as putting on pants or getting a full night’s sleep are made more challenging when mobility is limited. It can also cause irritation to parts of the body, like skin. That’s why Nukana Joint Salve was created!

Nukana Relief Stick

Have you ever had a moment in the evening where you were so busy having fun, that the next morning you woke up feeling stiff and achy?

We all have. And it’s no fun.

But now, with Nukana Relief Stick, you can enjoy your evening knowing you have Relief Stick has a formula that goes to work while you sleep, working to reduce stiffness.

Nukana has a small batch relief stick for those that have experienced inflammation pain. The scent is woodsy and highlighted by wintergreen and clove. It is the most concentrated, deepest penetration of topicals.

This product is made with unrefined, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, and key essential oils. It gives you relief where you need it most without being greasy or oily!

Our relief stick is easy to use: just rub it on before bedtime and let it work its magic while you snooze away. The next morning? You’ll be ready to go again!

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